Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Is Migraine Ocular

Migraine ocular is a kind of migraine that affects the eyes and it is also a condition that may or may not be accompanied with headache. Further, this is a problem that can affect one eye at a given point of time and which results in distortion of images and more particularly the distortion begins in the center of the image and it can then become worse – leading perhaps to temporary loss of sight.

Warning Signs Of Migraine Ocular
Physicians can interpret ocular migraine in different ways while the patient will notice that they start to experience warning signs (visual) which may or may not be accompanied by headaches. As a person ages chances of their experiencing ocular migraines grow and the whole experience can also actually turn out to be quite terrifying.

Ocular migraine symptoms vary from individual to individual and often these symptoms include seeing lines or patterns that zigzag especially at the periphery of their vision and the condition can also be accompanied by shimmering/colored lights and there may even be loss of vision. What’s more, these symptoms might also be accompanied by severe pain and the patient might also begin to vomit or feel nauseous. The best treatment is rest.

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