Friday, January 1, 2010

Living With Ocular Migraine

Managing ocular migraine involves avoidance of those factors that might precipitate an attack and in addition it may be necessary to undergo pharmacologic or even prophylactic treatment. When the attack is more acute it is necessary to take rest in a darkened and quiet room till such time as the symptoms subside.

The exact causes of ocular migraine are not known though some factors that might precipitate an onset of the disease include stress, alcohol, premenstrual changes as well as hunger and even use of oral contraceptives. In addition, certain kinds of foods can cause the problem including red wines, aged cheese, chocolates, chicken liver, milk and any meat that has been preserved in nitrate.

Part of the reason why people might develop an ocular migraine condition includes the fact that the blood vessels in the head might be involved. Furthermore, the problem usually begins in the early hours of the morning and even at other times in the day and the pain experienced will be intense as well as gripping and will affect one part of the head after which the pain can spread to the other side of the head.

Ocular migraine stroke is a condition that seems to affect people that have not as yet reached the age of forty and it also is a condition that affects those people that have suffered from hardening of arteries and who may be suffering from epilepsy and lupus. In case, the condition causes temporary impairment of vision it is best to have a doctor diagnose your condition to see whether there is another underlying condition that is at the root of your ocular migraine condition.

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