Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Is Ocular Migraine Stroke

Ocular migraine stroke is but one of many different eye ailments that people can and do suffer from. Furthermore, there is more to understanding ocular migraine stroke than solely for research purposes because it gives rise to serious consequences including affecting the eyes, especially in the case of seniors.

The older a person is the more likely it is that ocular migraine stroke can severely damage their eyes and typically the problems created include cataracts, impaired movement of the eyes and muscle sodification each of which will affect the normal functioning of the eyes.

Loss Of Vision
Because of ocular migraine stroke a person can lose their vision and part of the reason for such impaired or lost vision is an ailment known as Fusarium Keraitits. In the year 2006, the Renu with MoistureLoc solution (made by Bausch & Lomb) was quickly removed from the shelves of retailers because there was an outbreak of Fusarium, which occurred on account of using Renu with MoistureLoc to clean contact lenses.

The exact reasons for ocular migraine stroke outbreaks however are yet to be found though one possible explanation for this condition is that nerves in the rear part of the brain become stimulated in an unusual manner. Furthermore, ocular migraine strokes do not show any fixed patterns and it is in fact also possible to suffer from multiple ocular migraine strokes in a given week and then you may not experience another one for months and even for years.

One possible indication that you are experiencing (or about to experience) an ocular migraine stroke is when you become sensitive to light and sound. In such cases, you need to show yourself to an ophthalmologist and in addition it also helps if you also consult a neurologist who can rule out other possibilities.

Fortunately, you don’t really need any particular kind of treatment for ocular migraine stroke and in fact prevention is the best course of action which means that you must try and avoid the triggers or environments responsible for ocular migraine stroke. Ocular migraine is also a condition that affects people that have not as yet reached the age of forty though if of late you have started to experience headaches then you will do well to consult a physician who will determine whether or not you are at risk of ocular migraine stroke.

Though there is more than one type of ocular migraine the ocular migraine symptoms are more or less common among all the different types. Furthermore, if a person is not experiencing a headache it becomes harder to know whether or not they are suffering from ocular migraine.

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