Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ocular Migraine Symptom

Though it is a common belief that all migraines are more or less the same, there are about fifteen percent of these migraine cases that actually relate only to ocular migraine. What’s more, though there are many different types of migraines, migraine symptoms will be more or less the same for each different type of migraine. Ocular migraine symptoms are typically seen as being a visual aura that develops with or without an accompanying headache.

Distortion Of Vision
However, in case a person has an ocular migraine but there is no accompanying headache it then becomes much more difficult to determine what their condition really is. One possible ocular migraine symptom that can help determine what your problem is, is when you start to experiences distortion of your vision which starts in the central part of the vision and which then spreads out to either side.

Another possible ocular migraine symptom is that only one eye will be affected and when the migraine develops further the images in the mind start to become wavy and can even turn gray and in some cases can lead to temporary loss of vision.

Perhaps the most common ocular migraine symptom is when holes begin to appear in the person’s vision which results in missing out on part of what is in front of their eyes. If this happens then you will need to close your unaffected eye which will help you to view the object in front of you though there will still be a blind spot present when you use your affected eye.

Yet another ocular migraine symptom is when looking through your affected eye you notice that everything in front of you is hiding behind what appears to be a gray colored screen and the image in front of you will also become blurred and will not look clear or sharp.

The good news is that these ocular migraine symptoms are more or less temporary and even if you are convinced that your vision has been lost forever such is not the case since no permanent damage will have been done to your eyes. The only worry is that these ocular migraine symptoms will hamper your ability to perform your daily routine activities which means that reading and driving an automobile will become difficult for you.

Ocular migraine headaches are commonly referred to as eye strain. The headache that accompanies ocular migraine can occur on account of sinus condition, allergy, and hypertension and also because of tumors and of course because of stress. It can also occur on account of working in front of a computer screen for long hours and also because of extended television viewing.

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