Sunday, January 10, 2010

Controlling An Ocular Migraine Headache

Fortunately, treating ocular migraine headache can often prove to be difficult which is certainly good news because the pain caused is both hard to bear and also quite frightening. In fact, a person that is suffering from ocular migraine headache will not have any idea as to what is happening to them and also how they can get relief. And, the condition also gives rise to temporary loss of vision in the patient’s eye.

Loss Of Vision
Symptoms of ocular migraine headache include loss of vision, rainbow colored spectrums that appear in the corner of the patient’s eyes and when reading it might appear that certain words or letters in the text are missing which is due to experiencing blind spots.

However, ocular migraine headaches also are known to occur very rarely though if the problem does affect you it will become a particularly vexing problem. With a few well chosen tips you should be able to learn how to survive the ordeal.

First of all, it requires that you do not panic or lose your cool, even if the ocular migraine headache is especially severe because generally these symptoms last for between ten and fifteen minutes and by resting in a quiet and peaceful place you can get enough relief to take further action – if called for. In case, the pain from your ocular migraine headache is so severe that resting does not solve the problem then you can try popping an aspirin or you can try ibuprofen which will help lower the discomfort levels.

In addition, it pays to go in for a shoulder/neck massage and even a rub over your eyebrows will provide relief and of course resting in a quiet place also always helps. You can also prevent ocular migraine headaches by avoiding those triggers that cause the condition to arise in the first place, and so the less stressed out you are the fewer are the chances that ocular migraine headache will strike you down. Also, quitting smoking helps and by controlling hypertension you can also succeed in preventing an attack and you need to also be careful about what you eat and drink because inappropriate foods and beverages too can cause ocular migraine headaches.

When it concerns ocular migraine pregnancy the good news is that every two in three women will with the right treatment be able to overcome their condition during their pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. Only one in every twenty women reports that their condition gets worse during their pregnancy.

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